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Slut wife Part 4 After my last night fuck with the text of Rob and thick, the rest of us all week and arrange to meet again for the next game. I retired in storage, straps, g sting and a pure white blouse, you can see through. He also wore a long skirt and high boots. I told my husband, I would buy again, and he just shrugged and said it spent too much. This time we took a taxi and my husband started the netporn club and netporn sat at the station. The train was full and I came to some friends who are netporn going to watch the game. I explained that I wanted to go shopping in the afternoon and can pop into a bar for a quick drink. Text Rob and I had arranged to meet in the same ' Walkabout ' Pub To my surprise and Rob were there thick, it also had some friends others with them. I netporn whispered Rob, what's wrong, he told me not to worry, that he and Dick me later classification. I took the netporn statement and began to call back the drinks. Ladies went to the bathroom and when I went to Rob the other two were John and Steve are friends. She told me that Rob had asked me to capture, as my husband had changed in the same pub. The boys explain that take me to another bar and Rob and thicker than catch up. is another bar and John and Steve were found stacked drinks and I was constantly annoying. I had forgotten about Rob and Dick, as I had a great time with Steve John. The party had completed a Wales had won again. We are determined to go to the station, and I see that Rob was the text. Rob said he stood up and held me in his house to see. John, where Rob was new spare key. took the train to another Rob, the train was full and we had to endure. I could feel someone 's ass that I feel, but I could not turn around to see who it was. We got off the train and John and Steve put his arms around me and we went up the hill to the place of Rob. John leaves us in Rob HouseFirst I thought it did so much, how wrong was I John put some music and Steve opened a few cans of beer. Drink all started and now I feel very angry and hot, who danced with Steve began, and he pulled me close to the lips of my mouth, and some were kissing our tongues and in each mouth any other . We stayed on the couch and began to pinch each other, I felt his hands began to walk and feel my boobs, next thing is to undo the buttons on my shirt and had a hand in my bra squeezing and pinching my nipples. I had forgotten about John and I began to undress and Steve each other in my shirt and netporn I got out of his shirt. I opened his pants and she fell to the ground, I pulled the tail, and netporn wow, it looks great I dropped to my knees immediately started sucking. Steve played with my hair and reached down and pulled my nipples. I saw John, who had already stood up and took her home and jeans and stayed with the cookingk in netporn hand and straw. Steve walked away and I stood up, John came up netporn behind me and lifted my skirt. Both admired the view and said both were to catch me. John made ​​a motion of my pussy and grabbed my thong and put it on my legs. I opened my coat and left it. Steve opened the rest of my blouse netporn and was soon on the ground, John was playing with my pussy and had a finger at me, while Steve started sucking my nipples and netporn play with my tits. I sat on the couch and John came to my pussy and started licking me, I felt great, I love to suck pussy, Steve Hahn was half hard and I started masturbating on the couch he installed and put his cock in my mouth I sucked his cock and masturbated for all they worth it, John was making it stronger than I felt an orgasm approaching. wow I found a strong shudder and groan aloud. Steve pumped my mouth with his penis and he cried, turned and fired a load cumingk down my throat, I swallowed the lot. John had stopped sucking her pussy and had slipped his cock inside me. Gradually I began to fuck, Steve appeared from the side. After a few minutes of John fucks me grabbed my flaccid cock and Steve began playing with it, it was too early again, all his greatness. He went and told John to exchange places, Steve was a little greater than John and I jumped when he pushed his cock into me, John turned his cock from my mouth and I licked and sucked his cock juice mixed. I came back soaked and Steve Hahn, as he fucked me. The next thing I opened the door and Rob and Dick, Rob said he did not stop on our account, when Steve crashed into my pussy. John started to cum and get into a big mouth cum shot, some were on my tits. Both announcements cheered Rob Dick, I took the milk my tits with one finger and then sucked it clean. Steve was still pumping and your ass is going 10 in a dozen. I told him not to cum in me, he criesed cuming and pulled and fired his second load on my belly and pussy Bush. He offered his cock in my mouth and wiped my tail like a scum sucking cock. Both Steve and John leaned on the couch. Dick dropped his pants and pulled out his netporn penis and quickly netporn had given me and I was fucking her from behind. He pulled the straps and beat my ass and called me a bitch, whore and a slut sucking cock, I'm not sure he fucks me. I could see Rob starts to undress and soon I was sucking his cock too. Dick went and took what seemed an eternity before he shot his load, he took out and shot all over her ass and back, I put all my energy and focus given to Rob a blowjob and sucked and wanked his netporn cock with my hand, I had guts netporn ran the crack of her ass and I love it. John had his cock in her hand and slowly masturbates, Steve was still limping, Rob started to cum and pulled out and shot cum all ovhe is my facial hair neck and chest, which was covered with milk, Rob drew some tired and my mouth. John came up behind me and rubbed his penis against my pussy tightening and soon came into me Dick came up to me and rubbed his sperm on Rob 's cock and pushed his cock in my mouth ready. My jaw ached the indication, I'm always sucking and masturbating his penis. Dick began to insult me ​​again and I think they turned to him, John retired and was lying on the floor, it's my job to get it, I lowered my self esteem was his cock and he was still thick cock in my mouth and I went and sucked like a whore. Steve had come up behind me and started playing with my ass hole made ​​me very afraid. told him to stop and came here and I suck too. John and Dick I had cock in my mouth and now Steve is in my hand. John pumped me hard and said he was cuming, sucking big cock and I heard John Hahn jumped just in time, they began to shoot all the gills ordifferent in the stomach, I bent down and licked his cock clean and went to kiss and lick all the cum inside. Dick and Steve were form of masturbation and Dick moved my face and was the first time and cum all over her face, neck and chest again, and dried milk to cover, and this only adds to the chaos. was ready to go, but Rob wanted to fuck, I said on the floor, knelt on his knees and lifted my legs to rest on his shoulders, slowly puts his penis in my vagina and began to correct fuck me hard, the applause of all the rest of us, he built a speed to go and then slowed right down, speeding up again, I started rubbing my clit and then I cuming again closed to a climax and Rob Hahn juice foam pussy could feel my leg is gone, Rob instead of the pump and pushed into me, I feel like I was near the door and said, but he kept pumping me, and then shot his semen load check in theed pussy. He kept pumping until I had completely emptied himself in netporn me. I did not care and I loved the feeling of his cum in me. He pulled his tail and a large part of semen dripping from my pussy, I picked it netporn up and licked my netporn fingers clean. I had had enough and stood up and Rob take a taxi to my house call. I saw it again without my thong. Rob could feel sperm just me in the taxi. I came home to run a bath and relax for a while, carrying all brands of milk, then I feel more like bits on my tits and neck. How should I netporn hide it for my husband. I love being fucked by Rob, but always a little netporn out of control, any advice on what to do then please leave comments. lots of love whore wife (Tracy)
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